Deinove, FHR move to 2nd stage in advanced animal feed R&D

June 4, 2017 |

In France, Deinove commenced the second phase of its animal nutrition R&D project initiated with Flint Hills Resources in November 2015. The project, initiated in 2015 and financed by Flint Hills Resources, aims to develop a nutritional supplement for animal feed. This first phase successfully selected several bacterial strains from Deinove’s library producing the targeted compounds.

On the basis of efficacy tests, one or two strains may be selected for the industrialization step. If successful, both partners will consider the terms and conditions of a licensing agreement for the technology developed during this project for an actual commercialization. Scheduled to be completed by end of 2017 the second phase will aim to:

• Produce the additives in sufficient quantities to test their beneficial effects on the target animal species and analyze the results obtained;

• Optimize the fermentation parameters;

• Define the technical and economic conditions for the development of the production process.

“We are very satisfied with the progress of this collaborative project and the initial results obtained. We look forward to the efficacy testing stage,” stated Kevin GRAY, FHR’s Innovation Director. FHR operates ethanol plants in Arthur, Fairbank, Iowa Falls, Menlo and Shell Rock, Iowa, Fairmont, Nebraska, and Camilla, Georgia. The plants have a combined annual capacity of 820 million gallons of ethanol.

Emmanuel Petiot, CEO of Deinove, added: “The progress of this project confirms our choice: animal nutrition is a growing market and seriously looking for innovation. Thanks to the wealth and performance of our micro-organisms, our solutions can concretely enable manufacturers to increase the value of their products.”

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