Xylogenics advances GX-1 Yeast Technology  

June 28, 2017 |

In Indiana, Xylogenics released a new strain design for its patented GX-1 yeast production and fermentation process. The efficiencies created by the newest strain design will have an immediate impact on industries that rely on micro-organism technologies, most notably the ethanol industry wherein individual production plants are planning to invest upwards of $350 million annually on yeast technology advancements.

Xylogenic’s latest strain is currently applicable within the fuel ethanol industry and will soon be available to markets as varied as pharmaceuticals, agriculture, enzymes and a variety of bio-based chemical products such as flavors, fragrances, plastics, and solvents.

The Xylogenics’ team of scientists has the experience to take a project from custom yeast design to scale-up and commercialization with expediency

Dr. Josh Heyen, President of Xylogenics, stresses the importance of customization to respective industries and their unique processes as the key to the efficiencies his company’s innovations create. “Our approach to plant modeling and strain design has always been to take particular care in designing applications which are appropriate for each industry we are serving.”

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