European Biodiesel Board hits out at Polish industry dumping fuel on EU market

July 6, 2017 |

In Belgium, the European Biodiesel Board says Polish fuel market players, deliberately exploiting a loophole of the Polish biofuels legislation for more than a year have been causing significant financial damage to the biodiesel production chains in various EU countries – first in Romania, but also in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, and France among others.

In Poland the accounting of a given biodiesel volume towards the national blending mandate is based on a simple purchase invoice by the fuel distributor. As Polish law does not explicitly require the biodiesel accounted towards the blending mandate to be consumed within its boundaries, some Polish operators have been capitalizing on the export of underpriced biodiesel that has already been declared as blended.

As a consequence, a large part of biodiesel volumes are counted towards EU national blending mandates twice, a first time – falsely- in Poland and then – at an unfair dumped price – in any other EU country.

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