You Just Can’t Have Enough Hydrogen: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to renewable hydrogen via biomass pyrolysis aqueous phase

August 14, 2017 |

Hydrogen, hydrogen, hydrogen — the most abundant element in the universe, but the advanced bioeconomy can never seem to get enough of it, and finding ways to produce renewable, affordable hydrogen — well, that’s real gold.

A team led by Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Abhijeet Borole and including a number of ORNL colleagues and also collaborators from the University of Tennessee, Georgia Tech, Pall Corporation, OmniTech International and SainergyTech have been working on renewable hydrogen via Biomass Pyrolysis Aqueous Phase — and they’re supported by the US Department of Energy.

The goals? Reforming of aqueous phase organics to hydrogen via microbial electrolysis cell  technology, and developing energy-efficient separations to support MEC — and of course to demonstrate improvement in hydrogen production efficiency. The ORNL-led team prepared these slides which were presented at the DOE Project Peer Review event, outlining the progress, the promise and the milestones ahead for this project.

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