Green Biologics’ renewable chemicals granted Kosher and Halal certification

September 19, 2017 |

In the UK, Green Biologics has achieved kosher and halal certification for the 100 percent bio-based n-butanol and acetone, produced at the company’s commercial facility in Little Falls, Minnesota. These certifications enable Green Biologics’ chemicals to serve as ingredients for personal, homecare and food products.

“The kosher and halal certifications that have been granted to our Little Falls, MN manufacturing facility will further enable us to build partnerships within the major food, cleaning and cosmetic brands, to name a few,” said David Anderson, Vice President of Marketing at Green Biologics. “These certifications are becoming popular, not only for those with religious motivations, but also to the wider market as they are being used as an effective method for identifying high quality goods.”

As Green Biologics noted with the announce, “both n-butanol and acetone can also serve as additives and solvents in personal care, cosmetic, and both household and industrial cleaning products. For cosmetics, while acetone is most often used as a nail polish remover, BioPure n-butanol can be combined with acids derived from natural plant based oils to produce a wide array of 100 percent renewable butyl esters. These esters can be utilized in natural lipsticks, moisturizers, and nail polishes. Butyl esters are also utilized as aroma chemicals in fragrance products and flavor additives within the food industry.”

The company’s n-butanol and acetone have also received 100 percent bio-based, USDA BioPreferred certification.

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