Financing Bioeconomy Ventures Pt. 11: Series Summary

October 9, 2017 |

By Martin Wahl and Gerald Kutney, Lee Enterprises Consulting
Special to The Digest

The preceding articles in this series cover the major steps that investors and entrepreneurs should take to advance bioeconomy project product and process development. In retrospect, the most striking aspect of the articles is the diversity of talent, experience and approaches exhibited by the authors as they addressed the variety of requirements in the project development and funding processes.

What We Learned

The articles in the series taught us:

Each article is also available via Lee Enterprises Consulting’s website, here.


Lee Enterprises Consulting has extensive experience dealing with entrepreneurs and other project developers looking for financing. The majority are ill prepared and are largely naïve of the daunting process of venture capitalists, angel investors and other professional financing mechanisms. When informed of such deficiencies, entrepreneurs can become angry of our lack of understanding of the “great commercial potential” of their technology/process. However, even with a biofuel or biochemical with “great commercial potential,” professional preparatory work is necessary to have any chance to attract the funding to achieve their goals. While project developers routinely use engineers and other experts on technology development and plant design, they are often reluctant to provide the necessary resources to attract the equally important financing. The above articles provide a guideline of the due diligence process that is common in the financial community.

The skills, experience and aptitude required for treating the various steps for obtaining project financing differ greatly, ranging from macro-level economic and strategic analysis to hands-on process and materials planning and management. These distinct professions must be coordinated and integrated to ensure success of unique projects, and hence their funding. We are fortunate at Lee Enterprises Consulting to have the breadth of talent in our network and the flexible management structure to tailor teams to meet those needs; to apply the talent where and when needed.

About the Authors

Martin Wahl, MBA, is the Marketing Director of Lee Enterprises Consulting and has more than 25 years’ experience in data product development, marketing and management, including biofuels industry surveillance database development and management. Martin manages market research and communications for Lee Enterprises Consulting employing his unique blend of alternative energy, market research, product development and business planning experience. His hands-on experience with a WVO biodiesel start-up during the wild-west days in the Bay Area brings a practical perspective to his work.

Gerald Kutney is the Executive Vice President of Emerging Technologies, Biomass Power, Biogas/AD, and Investor Services for Lee Enterprises Consulting, and Managing Director of Sixth Element Sustainable Management in Ottawa. He has a Ph.D. in chemistry and over two decades of executive experience with global corporations and entrepreneurial enterprises in the forest bioeconomy.


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