BDI to build another biodiesel plant for Crimson Renewable Energy

November 13, 2017 |

In Austria, a year after the successful commissioning of two new major subsystems purchased from BDI, Crimson Renewable Energy chose BDI as technology provider for a new biodiesel plant that will run alongside Crimson’s existing plant.

This lighthouse project in the USA is the third BDI plant dedicated to the disposal of fatty waste materials from metropolitan areas. Beside Hong Kong – where trap grease from local restaurants are converted, and Stanlow/UK – where also “Fatbergs” from the London sewage system are used as feedstock for biodiesel production, the new Crimson plant will mainly process fats, oil and grease (FOG) from metropolitan areas in California.

The innovative RepCAT technology is an in-house development of BDI. The first plant of this kind was built in Austria. In contrast to the standard biodiesel process, RepCAT features a low-cost recyclable catalyst and avoids complex by-product treatment. Therefore, operating costs are drastically reduced and the quality of byproducts is significantly improved.

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