DEUTZ approves engines for the use of alternative fuels

November 19, 2017 |

In Germany, DEUTZ approved the latest generation of its entire TCD engine range for operation with alternative fuels including paraffinic diesel fuels and biodiesel or biodiesel blends. This will make a further significant reduction to the carbon footprint of combustion engines and even raises the prospect of running such engines on a carbon-neutral basis. For DEUTZ, this represents the next logical step in its efforts to develop sustainable and efficient drive systems. In combination with the electrification of its engine portfolio under the E-DEUTZ strategy, DEUTZ aims for the market leadership in the field of innovative drivetrains.

End customers utilising alternative fuels benefit not only from the knowledge that they are helping the environment but also from tax advantages, which vary from region to region in Europe. In Germany and Austria, for example, biodiesel is exempt from tax when it is used for agricultural purposes, which lowers farmers’ overall running costs.

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