Industrial biotech sector calls for an ambitious revision of EU Bioeconomy Strategy

November 22, 2017 |

In Brussels, on the EU Bioeconomy Policy Day, EuropaBio called for an ambitious revision of the European Bioeconomy Strategy. Such a revision would help tackle climate change and meet the needs of a growing population whilst boosting Europe’s resource efficiency, competitiveness and long-term economic growth.

“To achieve this, the revision must put in place a coherent and holistic policy and financial framework to support access to sustainably produced biomass, foster investments and further develop the market for bio-based products”, said Joanna Dupont Inglis, EuropaBio’s Director for Industrial Biotech and Cross-Sector Strategy.

Since the launch of the €3.7 billion Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking and the Investment Plan for Europe in 2014, there have been remarkable and inspiring advances in bio-based innovation. “Nevertheless, ” said the EuropeBio membership in a statement, “we are yet to see impactful progress on commercialisation of bio-based products.”

“To overcome this hurdle and fulfil the bioeconomy’s potential for Europe’s competitiveness and growth, a revised EU Bioeconomy Strategy should address:

  • Biomass: Circular bioeconomy should be an integral part of EU-level frameworks and policies;
  • Investment: Increase funding and improve coherence of financing mechanisms for the circular bioeconomy;
  • Investment: Secure the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) 2.0;
  • Markets: Incentives for bio-based products in strategic sectors;
  • Markets: Promote bio-based products’ visibility to stimulate market demand.

“As the voice of the industrial biotechnology industry in Europe, which is predicted to contribute between €57,5 billion and €99,5 billion  and well above 1 million jobs to the EU economy by 2030, EuropaBio is a fully committed partner in this discussion through platforms including:

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