European Parliament votes to freeze crop-based biofuels at 2017 levels

January 17, 2018 |

In Belgium, the European Parliament voted to cap crop-based biofuels at 2017 levels brought in by a last minute amendment submitted by three key party groups on the day of the vote. For those member states who don’t yet use 2% crop-based biofuels, they will be allowed to reach that level, but for all other member states they are capped at the levels consumed in 2017 with a maximum of 7% through 2030. Palm oil-based biofuels would be banned as of 2021, according to the Parliament’s bill.

“It is positive though that a target for renewables in transport of minimum 12% by 2030 is reintroduced. This should ensure action in a sector which still relies today for 95% on fossil fuels. This target, however, must be met in full without using artificial multiple counting mechanisms,” said Novozymes’ VP Thomas Schrøder, Biorefining Commercial.

“It is also positive that the Parliament maintained the Commission proposal to have a specific blending obligation for advanced biofuels (3.6% by 2030). This is critical for their progressive deployment alongside sustainable conventional biofuels.”

Now the three legislative arms of the European Union—European Commission, European Parliament and European Council—will have to find an agreement during forthcoming tripartite negotiations.

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