The Digest’s 2018 5-Minute Guide to Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (Belgium)

February 13, 2018 |


Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, Ghent, Belgium

The Situation

Open innovation pilot facility for bio-process development, scale-up and custom manufacturing with a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment for fermentation, purification, ATEX green chemistry, biomass pretreatment and biocatalysis, up to 10 ton scale. 70 employees, 8 years operational experience, 24/7, customers worldwide.
We served >200 companies in scaling up and producing the first tonnes of their bio-based innovative products such as bio-surfactants, industrial enzymes, organic acids, flavors, specialty carbohydrates, advanced fuels, …

We shorten the time from lab to market for companies of different sizes, from different sectors, from around the world.

Top past Milestones

We are currently partner in 19 EU projects (Horizon 2020, BBI, …), and invite our customers for applications for new EU projects.

We received ISO9001, food grade FSSC22000, kosher and halal certificates.

We’ve run back-to-back 15 m³ fermentations with (a.o. ATEX) DSP for the past two years.

We are a fully independent, not-for-profit SME, without industrial shareholders, allowing full confidentiality.

Top future Milestones

We’re installing 1000 m² additional food grade purification space and equipment.

We’re expanding expand our ATEX gas fermentation capabilities.

We will install additional lab space, analytical tools and bench scale process development equipment.

Products and Services

We provide bioprocess development, scale-up and toll manufacturing services to companies around the world. Our plant features:
Fermenters up to 15 m3 for BSL1 strains.

Wide range of purification equipment: sol/liq biomass separation, cross-flow filtration, ion exchange, crystallization, drying…

Glass lined ATEX reactors up to 5 m3

Development Stage

We bring your innovative product from the lab to the market, as a bilateral service or within an EU project.

Competitive Edge

Wide range of equipment at 10 t scale, combining fermentation with solvent based Ex proof DSP.

Independent SME: full confidentiality, high flexibility.

8 years of operational experience in hundreds of scale-up projects.

Key Partners

We have a wide network of partners along the innovation chain through >30 EU projects and >200 bilateral customers.

More on the company.

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