The Digest’s 2018 5-Minute Guide to Biorenewable Deployment Consortium

February 13, 2018 |


Biorenewable Deployment Consortium, Middleton, Wisconsin

The Situation

Connecting Emerging Technology with Forest Industry Partners to Accelerate Deployment and Optimize Value

BDC is a Catalyst to the Future

Top past Milestones

BDC has

1-Connected Emerging Technology with Forest Industry Partners to

2-Accelerated Deployment and

3-Optimized Value

“BDC worked closely with us (Licella), as a growing Australian company, to do extensive due-diligence on our own proprietary Catalytic HydroThermal (Cat HTR) technology. BDC worked hard to help us develop our North American partnerships.”

– Dr. Len Humphreys, CEO, Licella
BDC has studied numerous processes and is developing senarios of likely outcomes which will enable us to define the “bio-refineries of the near future”

Top future Milestones

This knowledge will be used to

1-Connecte Emerging Technology with Forest Industry Partners to

2-Accelerate Deployment and

3-Optimize Value

Products and Services

Trustworthy reliable information is 24 to 48 hours

“I do believe BDC really is the best fact-based clearinghouse of technologies, particularly

in light of key personnel coming from the business world.”

– Dick Carmical, CEO, Price Companies

Development Stage

BDC focuses on demonstration and commercial stage technologies. BDC tracks only emerging technologies with great economic impact

Competitive Edge

BDC attempts to to develop high performance relationships with its members.

“BDC is an intimate group of talented people.”

– Stacy Jorhdal, Vice President, Ingevity

Key Partners

Members and recruited speakers at BDC Symposiums

BDC current membership/affiliations include major forest products industry companies, ethanol companies, technology developers, service providers, biomass suppliers, universities, and federal agencies; membership represents US, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Brazil

More on the company.

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