The Digest’s 2018 5-Minute Guide to Celignis Biomass Analysis Laboratory

February 13, 2018 |


Celignis Biomass Analysis Laboratory. Limerick, Ireland.

The Situation

Celignis is a dedicated biomass analysis lab that provides our clients with accurate and precise data, allowing them to make the best use of their feedstocks and optimise their conversion processes. We have particular expertise in the advanced biofuels sector and can work with clients on customising our analysis to their needs.

Top past Milestones

– Developed a comprehensive suite of analysis packages to fully evaluate biomass pretreatment processes. Our analysis has assisted technology providers in understanding and then optimising their processes so that the yields of target products can be improved.

– The launch of our rapid-low cost package for lignocellulosic composition using near infrared spectroscopy. We are the only company to offer such an analysis as a commercial service and it enables the analysis time to be reduced from weeks to seconds, allowing the cost to be as low as $60 per sample. Our predictive models cover a wide variety of feedstocks and conditions, and are suitable for both virgin and pretreated biomass.

– The launch of the Celignis Database. Our clients can place orders and view the data we obtain on our password-protected website. It allows users to see the results of analysis even when orders have not been completed. The Database also links compositional data to potential biofuel yields.

Top future Milestones

– The relocation of our lab. In the next few months we plan to relocate to a facility five times the size. This will allow us to meet our expansion goals and to increase our range of analysis services.

– Establish a lab in the USA. The US is a global leader in the advanced biofuels sector and we see great potential for further increasing our client base in North America. Having presence on the ground will accelerate this.

– The provision of serviced customised rapid analysis models for clients. Our current rapid analysis package involves samples being scanned with a near infrared (NIR) device in our lab. Later in 2018 we will launch a service allowing our models to be used by clients on NIR equipment on their sites. The service will involve a period of customisation of our models for their samples and conditions and then the models will be maintained over time through our monitoring of predictive performance and selective chemical analysis and model refinement.

Products and Services

We are an analytical lab that provides important biomass compositional data to stakeholders in the bioeconomy. Our services cover properties relevant to the production of advanced biofuels, bioenergy, and biobased products. Regarding project development, we are involved in a number of collaborative research projects, funded by the European Union.

Development Stage

We are currently in commercial stage. We operate based on the revenue we receive for the provision of our analytical services to clients.

Competitive Edge

We are a specialist lab dedicated to the analysis of biomass and the products of biomass conversion. Our personnel have significant expertise in this sector, having led several important biomass research projects prior to joining Celignis. We are a spin-out from one of these projects and we continue to work at the cutting-edge of biomass analysis.

Key Partners

We are open to collaborating with technology providers so that our analytical protocols can be customised to their particular needs. We believe in a vibrant and growing biomass sector and consider that our analytical skills can help facilitate this. We are also open to collaboration with investors that can help us achieve our expansion goals.

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