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February 13, 2018 |


Lee Enterprises Consulting Inc’s headquarters is near Little Rock, Arkansas. Our consultants are located around the world. Our team has frequent interactions and participate in team and individual calls on an on-going basis.

The Situation

LEC is a network of bioeconomy experts with experience from lab and plant floor to boardroom that puts together interdisciplinary teams helping clients solve problems, evaluate opportunities, and plan and conduct projects. Areas of expertise include biofuels, biomass power, renewable chemicals, pyrolysis, gasification, waste-to-energy & AD.

Top past Milestones

Over the past three years Lee Enterprises Consulting has:

– Expanded our group to more than 100 subject matter experts;

– Expanded our expertise in renewable chemicals, food additives, higher value products, health & nutrition, and synthetic biology.

– Launched a successful expert witness/ litigation support program

Top future Milestones

Over the next three years, Lee Enterprises Consulting has plans to:

– Further strengthen our presence in Europe and Asia;-

– Further expand our support to clients in renewable chemicals, food additives/fragrances and synthetic biology;

– Expand our presence in investor due diligence and portfolio success ratios.

Products and Services

We provide consulting the following services in the many bioeconomy sectors we serve:

Investment Due Diligence

Strategic Planning

Risk Assessment

Feasibility Studies

Project Development/Oversight

Economic & Market Assessment

Interim Executive Management

Technology Evaluation/Support

Commercial Readiness

Litigation Support

Development Stage

LEC was founded in 1994, and has grown to a network of more than 100 consultants. At this level, we can provide interdisciplinary teams on virtually any bioeconomy project. We do not anticipate significantly growing the number of experts. Our goal is to provide the industry with as much work as these experts can handle.

Competitive Edge

Our advantage is cost efficiency and streamlined project management. We assemble interdisciplinary teams to meet any bioeconomy project with minimal overhead. Even in very large projects, clients have a single point of contact, relieving them of having to manage project flow and timing and the skill sets of multiple consultants.

Key Partners

We have many large strategic partner relationsships, including the premier bioeconomy law, accounting, engineering, feedstock, and technology firms worldwide.

More on the company.

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