The Digest’s 2018 5-Minute Guide to the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB)

February 13, 2018 |


Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB), Chatelaine (Geneva) | Switzerland

The Situation

The RSB offers trusted, credible tools and solutions for sustainability and biomaterials certification that mitigate business risk, fuels the bioeconomy and contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals that enables the protection of ecosystems and the promotion of food security.

Top past Milestones

Rebranding and positioning of the organisation as a driver for a sustainable and healthy bioeconomy.

Development of market-friendly sustainability solutions and standards which can make the implementation of sustainability principles practical for companies. Launch of modules which can help mitigate business risk, such and iLUC (Indirect Land Use Change)an development of a Standard for Advanced Fuels.

An expansion of members from all parts of the value chain ensures that the dialogue platform that the RSB offers is credible, transparent and consensus-based.

Top future Milestones

The launch of the first consumer facing brand campaigns with partners and global brands.

New members from international social and environmental organisations and global brands join the RSB to be part of driving a healthy bioeconomy.

Expansion of the areas of sustainable feedstocks and processing facilities under RSB certification.

Products and Services

Our expert advisory services help businesses to navigate the new challenges and opportunities presented by the development of a sustainable bio-economy.

Through technical and strategic advice, hands-on implementation, staff training and research,organisations can apply the principles of our world-class sustainability Standard across projects.

RSB can offer solutions for companies at all stages of developmemt, from start-up to commercial scale, such as:

.Preparation for certification

– Sourcing feedstocks

– Strategic & Policy Advice

– GHG Calculations

– Stakeholder consultation

– Market analysis

– Risk assessments

– Chain of custody certification

Competitive Edge

(RSB) is a global, multi-stakeholder independent organisation that drives the development of a new world bioeconomy through sustainability solutions, certification, innovation and collaborative partnerships.RSB has the world’s most trusted, peer-reviewed, global certification standard for sustainable biomaterials, biofuels and biomass production.

Key Partners

RSB Members represent the full value chain from:

Growers and Producers

End-users, Blenders and Investors

Social organisations

Environmental organisations

UN, Governments and Research organisations
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