US extends and boosts antidumping duties on Argentine and Indonesian biodiesel imports

February 22, 2018 |

In Washington, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross announced the affirmative final determinations in the antidumping duty (AD) investigations of imports of biodiesel from Argentina and Indonesia.

‘Today’s decision allows U.S. producers of biodiesel to receive relief from the market-distorting effects of foreign producers dumping into the domestic market,’ said Secretary Ross. ‘While the United States values its relationship with Argentina and Indonesia, even our closest friends must play by the rules.’

The Commerce Department determined that exporters from Argentina and Indonesia have sold biodiesel in the United States at 60.44-86.41 percent and 92.52-276.65 percent less than fair value, respectively.

As a result of the decisions, Commerce will instruct U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to collect cash deposits from importers of biodiesel from Argentina and Indonesia based on these final rates.

In 2016, imports of biodiesel from Argentina and Indonesia were valued at an estimated $1.2 billion and $268 million, respectively. The petitioner is the National Biodiesel Fair Trade Coalition, an ad hoc association composed of the National Biodiesel Board and 15 domestic producers of biodiesel.

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