Bioindustrial Innovation Canada invests in Benefuel’s latest financing round

April 4, 2018 |

In Canada, based on BIC’s assessment of Benefuel’s technology and business plan, BIC has approved an investment as part of Benefuel’s current financing round. This investment will allow Benefuel to complete the engineering needed as a final step before the construction of its first, commercial demonstration plant in Sarnia. Bioindustrial Innovation Canada (BIC) has been working with Benefuel for a number of years, providing advice and services in anticipation of Benefuel’s decision to build its first, commercial-scale ENSEL plant in Sarnia, Ont.

BIC believes the global trend towards low carbon transportation fuels, favourably positions Benefuel today. The ENSEL process combines the two main reactions for biodiesel production, esterification and trans-esterification, into a single step. This allows Benefuel to use a broad range of low cost, low carbon feedstocks resulting, in a negative carbon intensity fuel.

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