DuPont granted US patent for “Prevention of Bacterial Growth in Fermentation Processes”

April 4, 2018 |

In Delaware, DuPont Industrial Biosciences announced it has been granted U.S. Patent 9,926,576 entitled “Prevention of Bacterial Growth in Fermentation Processes.” This patent issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office covers the application of stabilized chlorine dioxide, the active ingredient in DuPont™ FERMASURE®, to reduce microbial contaminations in ethanol fermentations.

Acid producing bacteria are a constant challenge during the ethanol fermentation process, with the potential to reduce yield, consistency and profitability for biofuels producers. When used during fermentation, FERMASURE® controls bacterial growth without the need for antibiotics. DuPont scientists and technical service personnel have worked with the U.S. ethanol producers to validate the benefits of FERMASURE® brand stabilized chlorine dioxide in both batch and continuous fermentation conditions.

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