New biofuel targets go into effect in UK

April 15, 2018 |

In the United Kingdom, British biofuel targets that took effect over the weekend “will double the use of renewable fuels in the UK transport sector in 15 years and reduce reliance on imported diesel,” the government told Reuters. The new targets demand transport fuel suppliers that sell at least 450,000 liters a year or more to require the mix to be at least 12.4% biofuel by 2032. The changes will “increase the biofuels volume target to 9.75 percent in 2020 and 12.4 percent in 3032 from the current 4.75 percent,” according to Reuters.

“The changes we are introducing will double our carbon emissions savings from the RTFO scheme by doubling the use of renewable fuels and reducing reliance on imported fossil diesel,” British transport minister Jesse Norman told Reuters. “This will deliver emissions savings equal to taking hundreds of thousands of cars off the road.”

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