Construction begins on first of its kind biogas project

April 22, 2018 |

In Wisconsin, Dane County began construction for a project that will turn garbage and cow manure into renewable fuel for thousands of vehicles. This project is the first in the nation to be able to receive biogas from multiple off-site locations and connect that renewable gas with CNG gas stations locally and across the nation.

Project partners include Cornerstone Engineering, Clean Fuel Partners and Bioferm Energy, who is designing and supplying the biogas cleaning system for the project. Design work of the new facility is complete, BIOFerm has started ordering its system components, and the remainder of the project is out for bid now. Construction is expected to begin in the coming weeks with the system online by spring of 2019.

The Dane County landfill currently generates electricity with the gas collected from the breakdown of garbage and organic material and presently enough electricity to power 4,500 homes. This new facility will enable the County to convert its landfill gas into vehicle fuel. It is estimated the county will generate enough revenue from the project to payback its $25 million cost of the project in just a few years.

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