List of approved commercial vehicle manufacturers for operation with biodiesel published

July 1, 2018 |

In Germany, UFOP published a current list of commercial vehicle manufacturers that are approved for operation with biodiesel and gives an overview of approved commercial vehicles and engines as well as the compliance with emission standards. According to UFOP, biodiesel is the most important biofuel in Europe and fleet operation with pure biodiesel (B100) or as B20 or B30 blend is already a way to significantly reduce GHG emissions. Nevertheless, the use of biodiesel has changed dramatically in Europe. With stricter emission limits (see Fig. 1) for vehicles in all areas, the introduction of new exhaust gas aftertreatment systems (EGA) was necessary. As a result, the approvals for cars and light commercial vehicles have expired. The importance of biodiesel as a pure fuel has also declined significantly in the areas of heavy commercial vehicles and non-road vehicles, although current research projects show that the use of B100 does not affect EGA.

Although biodiesel is predominantly used as a blend fuel, it is evident that there are still important applications for biodiesel as a pure fuel. Even today, a large number of commercial vehicle engine manufacturers are prepared to create the technical conditions for using biodiesel by releasing their engines for B20, B30 (acc. EN 16709) or B100 (acc. EN 14214).

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