CP Group breaks ground on Fiberight’s waste sorting system

September 2, 2018 |

In Maine, CP Group broke ground on installing waste sorting equipment for Fiberight’s recycling plant in Hampden which will take about 3 months to complete installation. CP Group is installing the front-end system for the waste processing and refining facility, which will recover recyclable commodities and prepare residual waste for further processing on-site and serve 115 municipalities.

According to Waste Management World, the recovery system features a CP Trommel Screen with bag-opening knives, a steel-disc CP OCCScreen, the new non-wrapping CP Auger Screen used to size material in place of a traditional scalping screen, two CPScreens for 2D/3D separation, the abrasion-resistant CP Glass Breaker to remove glass and fines, and 4 optical sorters. Two MSS CIRRUS PlasticMax optical sorters will recover PET and HDPE, one MSS CIRRUS FiberMax optical sorter will sort and clean fiber, and one MSS CIRRUS will be used as a scavenger optical sorter to recover any remaining commodities.

“I have known and have worked with CP since the 1990’s on various jobs,” Craig Stuart-Paul, Fiberight CEO told Waste Management World. “CP is an engineering-focused company, which brought great value and utility when working with Fiberight to create a flexible design that is optimised for our unique processing needs.”

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