Indonesia’s biodiesel exports expected to be 300K tons higher than last year

September 2, 2018 |

In Indonesia, the Indonesia Biofuels Producer Association, known as APROBI, said that Indonesia’s exports of unblended biodiesel this year will be around 1 million tons, up from around 300,000 tons last year, according to Reuters. APROBI members have exported 716,599 tons of biodiesel up until July, with an unblended biodiesel production estimated at 5 million tons for the year.

“Exports to Europe has resumed, there are also shipments to China and India,” Paulus Tjakrawan, vice chairman of APROBI, told Reuters reporters, adding that shipments to China was “quite big”. Indonesia resumed shipments of biodiesel to Europe after European Union in March removed duties on biodiesel imports for 13 Indonesian and Argentine producers, according to Reuters.

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