Bioethanol producers seek molasses imports approval to meet demand

September 27, 2018 |

In the Philippines, bioethanol distillers and producers asked the government, Sugar Regulatory Administration which is part of the Department of Agriculture, to allow molasses imports, in order to meet the yearly demand of 500 million liters of bioethanol and help grow the P30-billion bioethanol industry. Currently, they only can reach about 60% of demand because of limited feedstock.

Center for Alcohol Research and Development chairman and Absolut Distillers Inc. chief operating officer Gerardo Tee told the Manila Standard the importation they request would only be temporary while the industry works on improving agricultural production. “The more efficient the farms will be, the more molasses we will have and the more sugarcane. And importing ethanol is not a good idea.  [It is] better to import molasses because it will convert to manufacturing and more labor,” Tee told the Manila Standard.

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