Wheat pushes beets into 2nd place for bioethanol feedstock

September 27, 2018 |

In Germany, the proportionate use of cereal raw materials in the production of bioethanol has shifted in Germany in recent years. As the Deutsches Maiskomitee eV (DMK) reports, the range of products and prices has led to the fact that wheat in Germany is now the most important crop for bioethanol production with a share of more than 50%, pushing beets to second place. Corn currently accounts for about 10% of cereal raw materials, compared to 25% five years ago. In absolute terms, the use of corn did not change significantly; in 2013 it was 279,000 t, in 2017 it was 236,000 t. Like corn, rye also lost significant proportions, while triticale has grown in importance.

According to the Federal Monopoly Administration, last year a total of 2.145 million t. cereals were used for bioethanol production, almost twice as many as five years ago. After years of positive growth, bioethanol production in Germany fell again last year for the first time.

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