European Biodiesel Board calls on Member States to push for duties against Argentine biodiesel

October 2, 2018 |

In Belgium, during Wednesday’s TDI meeting Member States’ representatives are going to discuss a recent Commission document that, in spite of clear evidence of distortive practices and strong injury for the EU economy, the European Biodiesel Board says fails to announce provisional Anti-Subsidy (AS) duties vs. Argentina. The Commission investigation found evidence the Argentinean Differential Taxes (DETs) mechanism is a price distortive and an unfair subsidization practice. It also demonstrated the existence of an injury for our industry, with the EU biodiesel market literally flooded by unfair Argentinean exports and huge consequential economic damages for EU industry, farmers and employment. Surprisingly, however, the proposal of the Commission is not to set a provisional duty, and wait for more time, in order to clear all doubts that a potential duty will serve EU interests.

EBB is making clear that if no provisional duties are fixed within the next days, the EU Biodiesel industry will again be severely impacted by unfair trade flows, with a potential for catastrophic consequences for the EU green economy, European agriculture and jobs. While the Commission is also proposing to cancel previously existing Anti-Dumping duties vs. Argentina, for the EU biodiesel industry it is already impossible to compete with Argentinean exports that are sold in Europe at unfairly low prices and even lower than the cost of biodiesel raw materials –which is, per se, a clear proof of unfair trade practice.

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