Norway first country in the world to impose biofuel requirements on airlines

October 6, 2018 |

In Norway, the Ministry of Climate and Environment said that any airline operating in Norway will now be required to use more environmentally friendly jet fuel mixed with biofuel. The measure, which requires a 0.5% advanced biofuel mix into jet fuel starting in 2020, is part of Norway’s goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

“The government’s goal is that by 2030, 30 percent of the airline fuel will be sustainable with a good climate effect,” said the ministry according to Reuters. Norway’s Climate and Environment Minister Ola Elvestuen said in an emailed statement to Reuters that this “corresponds to around 6 million liters of what is also known as second-generation biofuels, a product of waste and leftovers, and cannot be based on palm oil. As far as we are aware, no other country has proposed legislation similar to the Norwegian plans.”

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