Euglena begins producing algae and waste oil biojet fuel

November 4, 2018 |

In Japan, Euglena has completed its new biofuel refinery plant and launched the production of algae and waste oil based biojet fuel and biodiesel in order to achieve their goal of being the first company to provide biofuel for commercial flights in Japan by 2020. The 60 million yen, or about $53 million, facility can produce 125 kiloliters of bio jet fuel and biodiesel per year, and it plans to raise the production capacity to 250,000 kiloliters by 2025, according to Nikkei Asian Review. The biojet fuel should qualify for ASTM certification by next spring and biodiesel produced from the new refinery is expected to be sold as early as next summer.

Euglena partnered with ANA Holdings for the project and will offer biojet fuel to other aviation companies as well.

Mitsuru Izumo, Euglena’s chief executive, said he expected the demand to expand along with the growing Asian aviation industry. “We want [low-cost carriers] and oversea flights to try using our biofuel,” particularly from Southeast Asia where bio jet fuel is still rare, he told Nikkei Asian Review.


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