Rice University researchers say US biochar policy needs to be beefed up

December 20, 2018 |

In Texas, researchers at Rice University evaluated the readiness level of current U.S. policies, programs and regulatory incentives regarding the benefits of biochar.

The paper offers these policy recommendations:

  • Improve policies that allow for the monetization of environmental benefits and avoided costs
  • Recognize soil as a resource through national preservation policy
  • Develop a broadly accepted set of product standards for biochar

“Compared to more established bio-based products like biofuels, biochar is not the center of policymakers’ attention. While biofuels such as conventional ethanol have received incentives as a part of a long-term plan to diversify the nation’s energy portfolio, biochar may warrant greater support as part of a long-term soil and food security strategy,” the researchers said in the study.

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