House GOP pushing to eliminate ethanol mandate

December 22, 2018 |

In Washington, D.C., House GOP Republicans are trying to get a requirement added in that cars built from 2023 tun only on gasoline with a minimum 95 octane and get rid of the federal mandate that ethanol be blended into the fuel supply.

“We have to put consumers and the environment first, not our own self interests,” Rep. Bill Flores, R-Waco, one of the sponsors of the legislation, titled the 21st Century Transportation Fuels Act, told Houston Chronicle. “Either we can go with the status quo that everyone says is broken or have a compromise solution. There’s not going to be a solution that makes everyone 100 percent happy.”

Geoff Cooper, president of the Renewable Fuels Association, told Houston Chronicle, “[The legislation] falls short of providing the future market certainty and growth our industry needs.”

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