Great Lakes Bioenergy researchers analyze metabolic activity within a bioreactor

January 15, 2019 |

In Wisconsin, researchers at the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center, recently published a paper in the journal mSystems in which they analyzed the makeup and metabolic activity of a mixed microbial community within a bioreactor. By doing so, they’re edging closer toward engineering such a community to optimally generate particular products—an outcome that would boost the utility—and financial viability—of the residue of biofuel production.

In their work, the researchers studied the organic leftovers of lignocellulosic ethanol production with an eye toward optimizing the yield of medium-chain fatty acids, which are useful precursors for industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The medium-chain fatty acids are an alternative product—with a higher potential financial value—than the methane that’s typically generated from the residues of ethanol production.

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