ICM to implement technology solutions at Brazilian corn-based ethanol plant

January 21, 2019 |

In Kansas, ICM Inc. has announced an agreement with Usimat Destilaria de Alcool Ltda (Usimat) to implement ICM’s proprietary technologies at Usimat’s plant located in Campo de Julio, Mato Grasso, in Brazil.

ICM will provide Usimat with a process improvement package, and a distillation, dehydration and evaporation (DD&E) package. The complete ICM DD&E system is integrated, with the energy being re-used throughout the system to greatly improve the overall efficiency of the plant. The distillation system uses steam and energy from the evaporation system. The evaporation system uses heat recovered from the dehydration system and low-pressure steam to produce corn syrup that is added to the distillers grains, increasing the quantity and value of the distillers grains and eliminating land application of thin stillage. The complete DD&E system provides plants with the advantage of reduction in biomass usage.

Usimat will also be adopting ICM’s Selective Milling Technology and Base Tricanter System. SMT improves ethanol and corn oil yields while reducing enzymes and chemical usage. BTS recovers corn oil, which will offer a new revenue source for Usimat. The ICM technologies packages will increase ethanol, corn oil, and DDG yields, and provide operational efficiencies.

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