India considering mandating UCO feedstock for biofuel

February 17, 2019 |

In India, Petroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan said that the government is “considering mandating biofuel from used cooking oil as advanced biofuel which can be blended with biodiesel,” which will help the government reach their goal of 20% ethanol and 5% biodiesel by 2030 under their biofuel policy, according to News18.

“We have set a target of blending 5 percent of biodiesel with diesel by 2030. But today the biggest challenge is availability of the feedstock, said Pradhan. “We have recognised the hazards of used cooking oil and also realised that it can be used as feedstock for biodiesel. This will help us meet the demand for feedstock to some extent.”

Pradhan also said “The government is currently offering 100 percent offtake guarantee and mandate for advance biofuel. We are also planning to make UCO biodiesel as advanced biofuel. We are also considering mandating certain amount of advanced biofuel in biodiesel blending so that it will help achieve the target.”

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