EU project looks to include 3D printing in biofuel production

February 27, 2019 |

In Cyprus, Omni3D Ltd, which is specialized in the production of industrial 3D printing, is conducting an innovative project in collaboration with the Cyprus University of Technology within the European M-Era net.

The participants of the project “The production of biofuel in process using BioElectroCathodes and CO2” include Research and Innovation Centre Pro-Akademia – subordinate to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Cyprus University of Technology, Eneres CPM Ltd – an international company providing services in the area of energy, and Omni3D Ltd. The firm is one of the few beneficiaries that have been qualified for the realization of twenty-six European projects in 2018.

The aim of the project is to implement innovation in biological electrosynthesis biocatalysts. An international team will be working on inventing new cathodes and using 3D printing to build a Microbial Electrosynthesis Baffle Reactor, which can transform CO2 into biomethane and/or ethanol.

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