Flint Hills Resources to install FQPT technology at second ethanol plant

March 11, 2019 |

In Iowa, Flint Hills Resources it will install Fluid Quip Process Technologies’ (FQPT) patented Maximized Stillage Co-Products (MSC)TM system at its Shell Rock, Iowa, ethanol plant. This is the second installation of the FQPT MSCTM system among Flint Hills’ seven ethanol plants located in Iowa, Nebraska and Georgia, and the fourth site in the nation where the FQPT system will be used. The first Flint Hills installation took place in Fairmont, Nebraska, in 2017.

MSCTM technology allows dry mill ethanol plants to separate protein from the whole stillage that is a co-product of the ethanol-making process. Flint Hills markets this high- protein product as a feed ingredient called NexPro.

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Category: Fuels

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