Both biobased and biodegradable plastics needed for a circular economy says FKuR

March 17, 2019 |

In Germany, FKuR released a statement saying both biobased plastics and biodegradable plastics product groups have a great potential to meet the demands of the current EU directives in addressing the ecological issues of plastic. FKuR emphasizes the excellent suitability of biobased thermoplastics for conventional material recycling, while it sees biodegradable plastics as an efficient and proven solution for those applications where this property generates added value for the end product.

At the beginning of 2018 the European Commission developed a “EU Strategy for Plastics in the Circular Economy.” According to these plans, from 2030 all plastic packaging on the EU market will be recyclable and the consumption of disposable plastics will be reduced.

For Patrick Zimmermann, Director of Sales & Marketing at FKuR, bioplastics play a key role in the implementation of the EU directives: “Especially with drop-in bioplastics it is possible to implement sustainable concepts in two ways, firstly the bioplastic product itself is made from renewable raw materials and secondly, it can be recycled after use via existing recycling systems. Thus, not only are fossil resources saved but packaging, for example, can also become a valuable material for the manufacture of other products. We therefore warmly welcome the EU’s request to the Member States to support the use of biobased materials in the manufacture of packaging and to improve the market conditions for such products.”

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