Forget GND and NOPEC – 3 key policy issues to watch instead

May 12, 2019 |

In Florida, research published by Raymond James & Associates highlights three key policy issues at the federal level that energy investors should be watching over the next 12 to 18 months. This comes after they visited Washington to meet with high-level staff members at the House Energy and Commerce Committee and the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

They are deliberately not writing about what they call the two most overhyped sources of headlines: the Green New Deal resolution and the NOPEC proposal. As they recently explained, the GND is a purely symbolic piece of political messaging; NOPEC is conceptually more plausible, but we do not think that it stands a realistic chance of becoming law in this Congress. On the other hand, there are several below-the-radar initiatives that, while lacking the public profile of the GND and NOPEC, have more realistic odds of actually materializing in the foreseeable future.

Read their three key policy issues – having to do with E15, Russia/DASKA and HR4605 and how it related to LNG export – here.

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