RFA publishes E15 Information Resources

June 6, 2019 |

In Washington, DC, the Renewable Fuels Association shared key RFA resources on E15 are available publicly, including RFA’s Model Misfuelling Mitigation Plan which has been promoted by the EPA; RFA’s comprehensive E15 Retailer Handbook which provides fuel retailers with regulatory and technical guidance in order to legally store and sell E15 ethanol blends; a comprehensive review of E15 infrastructure compatibility considerations; a variety of fact sheets on E15, and more.

“EPA’s action last week allowing E15 to be sold year-round is already generating lots of interest and questions from retailers who were waiting for more clarity and certainty,” said RFA President and CEO Geoff Cooper. “Our association has worked with EPA, terminal operators, retailers, and many others to provide important tools to every part of the supply chain before E15 ends up in drivers’ gas tanks. We want to ensure that retailers, marketers, terminal operators and others who are taking a serious look at E15 for the first time have all the information they need at their fingertips.”

“RFA is proud to offer these resources to retailers and consumers, and to share our strong confidence in the future of ethanol,” Cooper said. “E15 is a win-win for all, lowering gas prices, supporting the rural economy and helping clear the air. With it now available year-round, we can all breathe a little easier.”

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