Haldor Topsoe to build demo plant for CO2-neutral methanol from biogas

July 20, 2019 |

In New York, Haldor Topsoe will build a 10 kg/hour methanol plant in Denmark to demonstrate the company’s eSMR Methanol technology for cost-competitive production of sustainable methanol from biogas, according to their press release.

The eSMR Methanol technology exploits the full carbon potential of biogas by utilizing the 40% CO2 content which is routinely separated and vented today. The technology heats the process using green electricity from wind turbines or solar panels instead of natural gas.

The demonstration plant will be located at Aarhus University’s research facility in Foulum, Denmark, and receives funding from EUDP – Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program.

The demonstration plant, scheduled to be fully operational in the beginning of 2022, is expected to demonstrate that sustainable methanol production from biogas can compete with traditional methanol production based on fossil fuels.

The eSMR Methanol process is CO2-neutral when based on biogas as feedstock and green electricity for heating. It even utilizes the CO2 that makes up about 40% of biogas and typically is costly to separate and vent in production of grid quality biogas.

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