Gin from peas, infinite hoodie, plant shoe, light and heat stabilizers for agricultural plastics, slimy sea lettuce for biofuels, and more: The Digest’s Top 10 Innovations for the week of July 24th

July 23, 2019 |

#3 BASF expands NOR light and heat stabilizer for agricultural plastics

In Germany, BASF expands its NOR technology to help farmers continuously produce in a sustainable way with their Tinuvin NOR 356 which protects and extends the lifetime of agricultural films that are exposed to very high levels of UV radiation, heat and crop treatments such as elemental sulfur, and the compounds approved in certified organic farming to prevent plants diseases and fertilize the soil.

When exposed to the sun’s intense radiation and agrochemicals, a series of complex chain reactions cause the agriculture plastics to begin degradation and finally, become brittle. When added to the polymer, the Tinuvin NOR light stabilizers neutralize the complex chain reactions and disrupt the reaction cascade. According to BASF, this protects the agricultural films, in particular greenhouse covers, and extends their durability.

The improved film protection and lifetime extension under NOR-stabilized greenhouse covers increase productivity, improve crop quality and reduce plastic waste for farmers which makes them more competitive, according to BASF.
More on the story, here.

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