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August 1, 2019 |

#4 3D printing on the road to mass production

In California, Silicon Valley based company Carbon has developed Digital Light Synthesis technology, which can accelerate the production of parts up to a hundredfold compared to previous processes, according to Covestro’s press release. After years of R&D, Carbon developed a novel polyurethane liquid resin suitable for production parts.

Covestro is a key partner in the scale-up and high-volume production of this material. The company invested a significant sum to enable the production in commercial quantity. As a result, joint forces proving mass production viability of the 3D-printing process and the respective material, and this is a current success of the partnership.

Covestro is currently researching materials to enable an extended range of industrial applications. To this end, the company is upgrading laboratories for 3D printing at its Leverkusen, Pittsburgh and Shanghai sites, where it develops and tests material solutions for serial additive manufacturing in collaboration with different customers.
More on the story, here.

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