Batteries from trees, 3D printing developments, canola straw cling wrap, biochar, and more: The Digest’s Top 10 Innovations for the week of August 2nd

August 1, 2019 |

#6 Aries GREEN Biochar launches retail sales

In Tennessee, Aries GREEN Biochar, which has been certified by both the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Certified Biobased Product label and the International Biochar Institute (IBI), is now available for retail sale on Amazon Marketplace The product carries the USDA label and the IBI Certified™ biochar seal.

Their biochar is a byproduct of their patented gasification process that provides beneficial impacts to soil, according to their press release.

Aries GREEN is a high carbon content biochar for use as an all-natural soil conditioner and agricultural soil amendment, fuel, a filtering agent, and a base material for the production of fabric, carpet, rubber, plastic, and carbon black.

When biochar is added to plants and crops, it returns carbon to the soil. It also improves plant life by retaining water due to the carbon content of the product, according to Aries’ press release.
More on the story, here.

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