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August 8, 2019 |

#2 Renewables-based chelating agents launched by BASF

In Germany, BASF launched Trilon M Max EcoBalanced, the first renewables-based Trilon M grade produced according to the biomass balance approach. This approach replaces fossil feedstock with renewable feedstock such as bio-naphtha or biogas at the very beginning of production.

The renewable feedstock is then allocated to Trilon M Max EcoBalanced, using a TÜV Nord-certified method. This allows BASF to fully replace fossil feedstock by renewables, not only saving scarce fossil resources, but also reducing damaging greenhouse gas emissions. Trilon M Max EcoBalanced has now been awarded certification based on the global REDcert2 scheme.

Chelating agents are used in a huge variety of applications. In modern dishwasher tabs, chelating agents prevent and dissolve scales and dirt on dishes. In addition, they enhance the cleansing effects of detergents, industrial and general-purpose cleaners and are used as process aids in the paper industry. Chelating agents are also used as intermediates in the production of specialized fertilizers which can add to plant health and avoid salination of soil.
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