Aemetis reports 200% year over year increase in biodiesel sales volumes

August 10, 2019 |

In California, Aemetis, Inc., an advanced renewable fuels and biochemicals company, showed strong growth from their India plant with a 200% year over year increase in biodiesel sales volumes from 4,282 metric tons to 12,960 metric tons, according to their Q2 financial results.

Aemetis’ second quarter of 2019 included significant announcements related to the market expansion of its India plant and the opening of a new customer base in India, culminating in $11.1 million of revenue from India operations during the second quarter of 2019, representing a 106% increase from the prior year quarter and 22% of total revenue for the quarter. India operations generated $16.4 million of revenue for the first half of 2019, a 46% increase from the prior year first half. Aemetis continues to advance its ultra-low carbon California cellulosic ethanol biorefinery, which is expected, upon completion, to add approximately $80 million of high margin revenues. Utilizing thousands of tons of waste wood from California’s Central Valley, the Aemetis cellulosic ethanol biorefinery is expected to produce the state’s lowest carbon ethanol fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the process.

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