Amyris on track to meet plan of $150M revenue for the year

August 10, 2019 |

In California, Amyris said on a business update call for investors last week that their revenue plan year-to-date is on track to meet their plan of $150 million for the year. Flavors and fragrances are expected to exceed revenue plan for the year and there has been a great market reaction to Purecane with early successful inroads into innovators, small- and medium enterprises (SMEs), formulators, and global brands each with their own time to revenue profiles; launching direct to consumer in U.S. before year end.

They also told investors that their LAVVAN program is on track to deliver commercial scale up and targets for CBD during first half of 2020. Pipette, their new baby brand, is on track to launch in September and their Clean Beauty segment is on track for delivering around $60 million in sales for the year.

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