Trump orders agencies to boost biofuel blending quotas for 2021

August 25, 2019 |

In Washington, D.C., the backlash from biofuels and agriculture industries over the recent 31 small refinery waivers from the EPA has caused President Trump to request a push for more E15 beyond the more common E10 gasoline, and a request for the EPA “to give a 500 million gallon boost to the amount of conventional renewable fuel, such as ethanol, that must be used in 2020,” according to Bloomberg. “A separate quota for biodiesel, typically made from soybeans, would get a 250 million gallon increase.”

However, the tentative plan doesn’t include any planned changes to the 31 small refinery waivers already issued by the EPA. According to Bloomberg, the EPA and oil industry asserts that the waivers aren’t harming ethanol demand and instead blame too much product for the low prices and Trump’s trade ware with China.

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