Greasezilla to be FOG separation tech for Danbury Wastewater Treatment Center

September 21, 2019 |

In West Virginia, Greasezilla was selected as part of a new fats, oils, grease (FOG)-to-Biodiesel receiving station for the Danbury, Connecticut Waste Water Treatment facility. Greasezilla’s patented solution separates FOG into its basic elements, sending the water back to the treatments center headworks and recovering highly profitable brown grease as an Advanced Biofuel.

At the heart of FOG receiving stations, the Greasezilla system is placed upstream of wastewater plants, and processes up to 40,000 gallons of raw Grease Trap Waste per day from commercial kitchens and restaurants, generating a carbon positive biofuel. The technology separates water, debris and food waste while fueling itself with a small amount of the same biofuel it creates.

The City of Danbury, REA Resource Recovery Systems LLC and Veolia Environment S.A. formed a strategic partnership along with the University of Connecticut to begin the production of biodiesel fuel harvested from FOG. The process is patented by UConn’s Dr. Parnas and has been licensed to REA to create a biodiesel production facility at the Danbury treatment plant with capability to produce approximately 400,000 liters of biodiesel fuel per year from the brown grease. The biodiesel will power a fleet of heavy equipment and trucks, saving the city millions of dollars.

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