Fungus fashion, BMW i Hydrogen NEXT unveiled, spider silk and cellulose composite, Nestlé opens packaging research center, and more: The Digest’s Top 10 Innovations for the week of September 25th

September 24, 2019 |

With Climate Week on many minds this week, it’s good to see innovations being developed to take a step in a better direction. Take CPI Card Group which is launching credit cards made from waste plastic recovered from the ocean. Or researchers who have created a strong composite bioplastic from wood cellulose fibers and silk proteins. Or London’s Fashion Week which is showing innovation in clothing and textiles with a new type of leather made from mushrooms and farm waste and a New York fabric company that launched its first collection of biobased performance fabrics. Get these and more innovations for the week of September 25th.

In today’s Digest, fungus fashion, BMW i Hydrogen NEXT unveiled, spider silk and cellulose composite, Nestlé’s new packaging research center — these and more, ready for you now at The Digest online.

#1 New York fabric company launches first biobased product line

In New York, Ultrafabrics has launched its first collection of biobased performance fabrics.

Dubbed Volar Bio, the fabric incorporates plant-based materials into the multiple layers. Corn-based content is used to prepare polyols for polycarbonate polyurethane resin and wood pulp-based materials are incorporated into the twill backcloth.

Volar Bio was created with both functionality and sustainability in mind and has a 29% BioPreferred Program Label from the United States Department of Agriculture.

“As the leader of high-performance fabrics, we have to answer the future needs of our customers,” says Toyohiko Nakagawa, Director of Ultrafabrics Holdings and President of Daiichi Kasei Co. Ltd., the division responsible for manufacturing and engineering. “Over 4 years ago we partnered with a boutique supplier and challenged them to create custom naturally derived ingredients that would improve our sustainability profile without sacrificing the renowned aesthetics and durability of Ultrafabrics. We are pleased with the final product and look forward to upholding our commitment to a greener future while moving our product category in a new direction.”

Volar Bio is available in a range of colors, including grey, brown, rose, taupe, blue, green and orange.
More on the story, here.

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