Scania positioning its biofuel vehicles to support greening of airports

October 9, 2019 |

In Germany, major airports are dependent on an array of different service and support vehicles. That is why Scania’s solutions based on alternatives such as bioethanol, biogas, biodiesel or hybrids will make a difference, despite the fact that each individual vehicle might have relatively low annual mileage or operating hours. Airport operators can turn to solutions based on alternative fuels and hybrids from Scania’s modular range to reduce their carbon footprint.

Scania is also offering industrial engines that meet the latest emission Stage V requirements while also providing excellent fuel efficiency. The latest addition, DC16 315, is a V8 that produces 710 hp and meets both Euro 6 and Stage V emission levels. All of Scania’s industrial engines are based on Scania’s industry leading truck engines, thus offering the same level of robustness and availability and the opportunity to use Scania’s worldwide parts and service network.

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