Canada’s Green Party wants to ban ICE engines by 2030 but sees role for biofuels in heavy transportation

October 14, 2019 |

In Canada, the Green Party’s Mission: Possible climate action plan calls for big changes in the way Canadians work and travel, as the national economy shifts rapidly from fossil fuels to renewable energy to meet the goal of zero emissions by 2050.

Cars, buses and trains will be powered by electricity and internal combustion engines will be banned by 2030. However, while researchers focus on developing better storage devices and new and more robust electric motors, some heavy-duty industrial machinery – fishing, mining and forestry equipment, for example – will need to rely on biofuels.

The Green Party supports the creation of biofuels using waste plant matter from forests and agriculture — but not from food that could otherwise feed Canadians. A Green government
will promote the development of local, small scale bio-diesel production, primarily relying on used vegetable fat from restaurants across Canada with wood and agricultural waste.  Fuel switching to biodiesel will be required for agricultural, fishing and forestry equipment.

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